On Friday evening I was sitting in the sun at our local annual cricket festival. I looked around and it occurred to me that what I was experiencing was a small part of what I remember as ‘normal’; a large number of people, some gathered in groups chatting, laughing and enjoying some live music. Living in lockdown and then within the limitation of the restrictions that have only recently been lifted has meant that many milestones have remained uncelebrated and so many opportunities have been missed for friends and family to come together and enjoy being with each other. 
Those of you who follow us on social media will know that one of the most common things I get asked when I tell people what I do, is “what do you do for the rest of the year?” 
Well, this year more than ever, I am committed to realising an ambition that I have had for many years - to take our products and services and bring them to a wider client base for any celebration or occasion. It is my firm belief that lights and decorations go far beyond being just material things, I believe they can evoke indescribable emotions and to put it simply, make people feel good and what better way to compliment a special celebration in my mind? 
A change in our business name is reflective of our desire to deliver bespoke decorating and lighting schemes for all occasions and not just for Christmas. Much time has been spent in our workshop designing, creating and developing ideas that we have started to share on social media and can be seen on our website. We particularly enjoyed producing the floral selfie frame which has proven very popular with all who have seen it. 
Of course, as the end of the summer draws closer, our attention will turn to Christmas, our busiest time of the year. We have been working hard on our offering to our Christmas clients, to include something a little different for their decorative schemes this year - so keep an eye out for these developments in the coming weeks and months! 
I am very grateful for the work that I do and thankful and blessed at the same time to have some fabulous people working with me who share my passion and commitment to giving our clients the best possible service and experience of working with us. 
Lee x 
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